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However, their relationship soon breaks down due to his infidelities and her growing attraction to Lloyd WilliamsSee section 15.3.1 of the CSS2 Recommendation20For the XHTML Preferred Vocabulary, this namespace is For the DAISY Talking Book Preferred Vocabulary, this namespace is If the OPS namespace is used in a document it must be explicitly declared If a namespace prefix is used, it is recommended that authors bind the ops prefix to that namespace and not use ops as the prefix for other namespacesVersion 2.0.1 of this specification was prepared by the International Digital Publishing Forums EPUB Maintenance Working GroupReading Systems must be XML processors as defined in XML 1.10This specification uses the OPF Package Document alone as the basis for expressing publication-level Dublin Core metadata47Other [oth] Use for relator codes from other lists which have no equivalent in the MARC list or for terms which have not been assigned a codeThe OPF specification is separated from this OPS markup specification to modularize the described packaging methodology separate from the described content


Each item describes a document, an image file, a style sheet, or other component that is considered part of the publicationit does not include Inline XML Islands or inline SVG)OPS Publication A collection of OPS Content Documents, an OPF Package Document, and other files, typically in a variety of media types, including structured text and graphics, that constitute a cohesive unit for publicationIn a number of cases, this specification does not require Reading Systems to provide the full range of rendering that a standard CSS style sheet might requestReading Systems must parse all UTF-8 and UTF-16 characters properly (as required by XML)See Appendix A for a normative NVDL definition of OPSAn OPS Reading System must not invalidate a document and must display nothing if a case element contains no contentWhile most changes from version OEBPS 1.2 to OPF 2.0 have been done via deprecation rather than removal of previous functionality, the OEBPS 1.2 Package is not a fully compatible subset of OPF 2.0 (e.g2.2.11: Information regarding a prior resource from which the publication was derived; see the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set ( 2.2.12: Identifies a language of the intellectual content of the Publication


The following subsections describe the individual Dublin Core metadata elementsThe text is also an acceptable fallback for an img with src referencing a non-OPS Core Media Type for which no viable fallback was found in the manifestA Reading System may, at its discretion, provide both rendering options to the userAfter Boy is killed when his plane is shot down, Daisy remarries to Lloyd and starts a family with him after the war2.4.1.2: Key NCX Requirements Reading Systems must support NCXLady Maud Fitzherbert, Fitz’s sister, who is far more liberal than her conservative brotherSee the OPF specificationReading Systems which recognize and render auxiliary content separate from primary content will set the main reading order to be the four primary OPS Content Documents: intro, c1, c2 and c3All OPS Content Documents that are part of the publication (i.e 3c092786bf

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